Get a Grip

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Are you desperate to know what to do when you feel that you have come to the end of your rope? Do you want to enjoy the freedom of going after God with all of your heart? As storms come in life, we are looking for an answer to help move forward in the midst of great adversity. In this book, Zona Hayes-Morrow share parts of her personal testimony to help you hang on and to tighten your grip on your rope.

From numerous health problems to drug addiction, Zona shares how she was healed from personal tragedies and learned to walk in victory. You will understand that keeping your eyes on Jesus will allow you to get a grip on God s report of life and victory and not the negative report that our situations and circumstances have to offer.

As you read this book, expect the faith of God to come alive in you. You will enjoy the freedom that comes only through Jesus and you will step into new realms of victory where you have never been before and you will experience God's best for your life as you get a grip .

Zona Hayes-Morrow has a high regard for God's Word and the authority of it. Her ministry is refreshing and provides a practical approach to the ways of God. The gifts that God placed in Zona will challenge and inspire those who attend the services where she ministers.